Solely owned and solely operated by Jeff and Sherrie Nixon from Southwestern Ontario.

Since 2017 (1995).

Welcome to the Nixon Wrinkle Ranch!

Ohana with her new pet parent Jenna.

Ohana with her new pet parent Jenna.

Welcome to Nixon Wrinkle Ranch!

We share our home with CKC Champion Chinese Shar-Pei. We are located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, about 2 1/2 hours north of Toronto. We have been companions to the breed for nearly 30 years, and have developed such devotion to the breed that we began breeding and showing our dogs. Our contact information is 519-901-3525, or We are also on facebook (Nixon Wrinkle Ranch)! We are not connected to any other 'Wrinkle Ranch" breeder or kennel. We are independant and very excited to be sharing our knowledge and love for the breed with you!


In some ways the decision for our name was simple, in other ways it was a multi step process. Jeff and I had tossed around several ideas for a name in 2017. Some were 'way out there', others were way too long and serious. We spoke to a few fellow breeders along the way who offered some suggestions but nothing really sealed the deal. The "ranch" part seemed fitting as we live in the country with lots of outdoor space. Of course we wanted the NIXON in there somewhere because we are darn proud of what we have accomplished so far, and what we have set out for goals for our breeding program. We also needed something about our amazing dogs, after all they are the center of everything we do. So... we filled out the forms with the CKC and off they went to hopefully be approved. Of course everything worth ANYTHING takes a while.....and a while more! While we waited I just happened to google 'Wrinkle Ranch'. I was stunned at what I found. Who knew it was a term used for a seniors swingers club! I went into panic mode! After yet another contact was made with the CKC I found out that indeed our Kennel/ Breeding Program name had already been approved and we would be receiving the paperwork shortly. And what do you know.... 4 days later I opened the mail to find the official papers to say that we were now,                   "Nixon Wrinkle Ranch". :)

So please know, we are not a swingers club, nor are we attached or share any interest in any other Wrinkle Ranch Kennels, Breeding Clubs, or SWINGERS CLUBS!" 

A little bit about US!

Hi there! Thanks for visiting our website. 

Our names are Jeff and Sherrie Nixon. We are the proud founders of Nixon Wrinkle Ranch. We are also the proud parents of two grown daughters, Jorden and Jenna. Everyone is involved with our dogs and puppies.

Jeff and I have been in love with the Chinese Shar Pei breed for nearly 30 years. We have had them as strictly companions up until 2016. That is when we were introduced to the dog show world by a breeder. We waited for almost a year for Ryley, our first show and breeding dog!

Miss Ryley has brought so much joy and love to our family. Ryley was purchased with the intent to show her at CKC conformation dog shows, and to breed her once she was of age. We have enjoyed every single moment with Ch Taipan Palace Miss Ryley LC! She has the typical Shar-Pei attitude of being stand offish to stangers, but beautiful to admire. Once she knows you, she is very loyal and quick to learn new skills. Ryley is a cuddlebum. Ryley 'thinks' she is amazing at Agility sports and loves to run them. (Did I say Run?!?... Ryley walks through them with pride and very dignified, but we all cheer anyway!) Ryley has done very well with conformation shows and became a Champion in 2019.

Cooper came to us in 2019! He has also become a show dog. From a puppy, Cooper has been my companion. There is nothing I do during the day that is without him. I often joke that we should have named him Velcro. However his name is MBBPIS MBPIS BPISS BAIS Ch Gumby's Flew the Cooper Buoy NTD.(That is a-lot of name for a guy who had all those winnings before he turned 1 year of age.) Cooper is full of excitement and endearment. He enjoys going for walks, meeting people and most of all SWIMMING! Usually Shar-Pei are not known to be big swimmers. Cooper is breaking that rule! He loves going swimming and also loves being rewarded with treats! Cooper will do most anything to please 'his people'. He is a happy guy and we are so fortunate to have him. Cooper has also done very well with his conformation shows. He was a Champion by 8 months of age, with two Best Baby Puppy in Shows, and 2 Best Puppy in Shows along with many other wins. August 2019 Cooper won at The Chinese Shar Pei Club of Canada's National Specialty, Best Puppy, Select Dog, and Best Canadian Breed. This was a true honor judged by Beverly Capstick.

Breeding for Health and Standards 

Our goal with breeding, is to only breed when we have families interested in a top quality puppy for either a home companion or a show dog. That is why our puppies are limited. The most we will have is two litters per year. We breed with the mindset of improving the health and temperament of the Shar-Pei for the betterment of the breed going forward. We are passionate about Shar Pei, that is why we provide a 2 year health guarantee.

The dogs we choose to use in our breeding program are health tested, SPAID, and Glaucoma tested. Hips, and Elbows are certified by OFA. We match our breeding pairs together with great care.

All of our dogs also live as family pets. They are fed the best of food for a Shar-Pei. They receive plenty of socialization early on and during their active lives. If you see us out in our community I can pretty much guarantee we will have at least one Pei with us! We would expect our puppy families to do the same. Our dogs are not kennel dogs, they sleep on our beds,and sit at our feet during family dinners. Our dogs are true members of the family.

All puppies will be CKC registered and microchipped. All puppies will have their first vaccines (following Dr. Dodd protocol) and be vet checked. You will be provided with ONGOING support for your puppy, we are always available and willing to share our education about this wonderful breed. If at any time you can no longer care for your pup, it is expected that the pup would be returned to us.

We are members in good standing, with The Grey-Bruce Kennel and Obedience Club, The Chinese Shar- Pei Club of Canada and the Canadian Kennel Club. We are founding members of The Chinese Shar-Pei Club of Ontario.

At Nixon Wrinkle Ranch we give credit for our breeding program and our show ethics to fellow Chinese Shar-Pei Breeders/Co-owners. They have taught us so much and have been willing to help us through the process of getting a fabulous breeding program in place. All this, so that we can provide the opportunity for others to enjoy and marvel at the beauty of the Chinese Shar-Pei. 

We hold our values of breeding healthy, beautiful Shar-Pei with wonderful temperaments high. We raise our puppies on the PUPPY CULTURE PROGRAM which we feel provides them with the best environment for healthy and secure temperaments. We like our puppies to always be learning and experiencing through their surroundings and also incorporate the "7 experiences for healthy temperament puppies". Our puppies are cared for 24/7 by at least 1 adult in our home, they are not kennelled or housed in out buildings. Visitors have stated that our puppy set-up is similar to a home daycare as we have several play areas, napping beds, food stations, routines and provide lots of socialization for their development. Puppies before leaving to go to their forever homes have lots of opportunity to learn outdoor potty habits, leash training, name recall and a great social foundation for continued training.

We invite you to contact us with any questions or interest you may have in our breeding program and/or puppies.