Why do we use the Puppy Culture Program at Nixon Wrinkle Ranch?

As mentioned previously on our website, someone is always home with our puppies. We maybe in the kitchen or laundry room however we are in the home. We put puppy safety first. If we can not physically be in the same room with them, we have web cams that we can view from outside the puppy space. That being said, we enjoy getting to know our puppies, teaching them things, and watching them develop all the important skills. Sherrie has a background in child development therefore she supports how much learning can be accomplished through playtimes.

Let's think about the simple play of a child going up and down a slide. Going up and down a slide is just not about feeling the butterflies in your tummy, but a child is also learning skills when doing so. When a puppy plays on a slide they are learning foot placement, spacial orientation, building strength in their legs and paws, learning to wait, balance, etc. So why would we not include these types of play in raising our puppies?

What is Puppy Culture?


Puppies getting ready to go to their forever homes.

During their last week with us, we give them separate areas to start learning to be away from each other.

pUpPy LoVe!

Getting puppies exposed to little people, people with glasses, people with canes, scooters, etc are all things we practice here.