Who are We?

We are extremely proud to be the one and only Nixon Wrinkle Ranch. Jeff and Sherrie purchased their first purebred Shar-Pei nearly 30 years ago. She was a red, brush coat and her name was Carly. That started our love and appreciation of the breed. Since then we have always had Shar-Pei. Sometimes one, sometimes more, sometimes a lot more! Our kids grew up with having Pei share their beds, their snacks (tisk tisk), their sleepovers with friends and the ups and downs that go with their highschool years. Pei have always been there, as a huge part of all of our life stories. I have no doubt that the love of Shar-Pei will continue through our family generations to come. We began showing our Pei about 6 years ago and we are extremely proud to be now breeding our own Nixon Wrinkle Ranch dogs.

At Nixon Wrinkle Ranch we believe that not every dog is a show dog. But we do believe that every dog should be bred with a purpose. We will not breed our dogs unless we have a reservation list for approved future homes. Every dog deserves to be their best. That can be in a show ring, barn hunt, exercise companion, support dog, and the best companion to their family members. Every dog has a purpose and the potential to share their owners heart and be a best friend.

If you are looking for a wellbred, purebred Chinese Shar-Pei, then you may want to contact us and enquire about our breeding program.